Dedicated Internet

If your business has medium to high traffic volume and requires a constant connection to the internet, MindSoft Dedicated Internet service is an effective solution for your business.

Ensure the expedient exchange of information between your staff, support agencies, suppliers and partners. The result is better efficiency, more productivity, and a defining competitive edge.

Choose from connection speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. All options are symmetrical, so that you can upload and download at the same blazing speed.

No matter which connection you choose, you get unlimited usage, a connection that's always on and a router to connect to your internal network.

  • Complete network that can be complimented with a full range of internet based business solutions. (See Options)
  • Secure dedicated access to your business location.
  • Flexible, competitively priced packages.
  • Unlimited users within your organization share a single access.
  • Service Level Agreements ensure consistent up time in business-critical computing environments.


Give us a call, and ask us about our complete suite of managed offsite options we can tailor to your business needs.

  • National Tier 1 datacenter colocation.
  • Daily offsite backups.
  • Managed servers.


MPLS is a virtual point to point connection that is done over a data connection. Multiple sites can be connected to 1 or more locations at any given time. MPLS is secure and private.

Lower Costs

Our objective: save you 20-50% on your wide-area-networks.

Why pay the high retail prices to the large Carriers for your MPLS network when you can have it delivered at a fraction of the price?

We eliminate the pricing politics of the large Carriers, and deliver their network services at wholesale prices.

Better Networks

We manage the Carriers for you, with added flexibility and customization.


  • Take control of your MPLS network and customize it for your specific application requirements.
  • Network visibility, access, and control of equipment, ports, routing configurations, and QoS application prioritization at no extra fees.
  • Our multi-Carrier architecture allows us to choose the best Carrier for each corporate location, and the right network connection and bandwidth at each location, from DSL to fiber 10M/100M/GigE.


  • More network reliability than any single Carrier.
  • We enhance the industry-standard reliability objectives of the Carriers by using multiple Carrier services for backup redundancy and automatic fail-over at mission-critical corporate locations.


  • Optimized performance for your applications.
  • The right bandwidth for each corporate office, with QoS (Quality of Service) for critical data and voice applications.
  • No additional fees for QoS configurations and services.
Better Service

We manage the Carriers for you, with added flexibility and customization.

  • 24/7 monitoring and support by our Network Operations Centre (NOC).
  • Automatic alerts and immediate action to resolve network failures.
  • National coverage for on-site installations, support, and equipment replacement.
  • Flexible and fast response times for new configurations and modifications.
  • Detailed network reports.